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Layne Lyons,  J.D.  CTNC
Layne Lyons, J.D. CTNC

My name is Layne Lyons and I have been a lawyer for 25 years. I have started and successfully run five corporations. I have written and published three books.I have spoken on stages across the US, and worked with children in several countries, empowering them to live mindfully and dream big.

With all of that experience and the insights I gained, you would think I would have known better. And in some ways, I suppose I did. However, I still got screwed over. Big time.I wish I didn’t have to tell you this story….it’s embarrassing. But, I will not let what happened to me happen to you. So I’m spilling the beans on myself.

Let me start at the beginning.

From a very young age I looked out for my friends, I was the kid who, while being friendly, energetic and playful was also fiercely loyal and would stick up for my friends on the playground, especially the underdogs.

Looking back, it’s no surprise that after graduating from Duke Law School 25 years ago, I went to work for the District Attorney’s office in Atlanta, helping the most vulnerable people in society. I quickly realized that I loved helping people feel safe and protected, powerful in their own lives.

Throughout my career, I focused on protecting the rights of children and animals. I got to be a super hero everyday!

But while I was taking care of others, I forgot to take care of myself and years of self-neglect caught up with me. I ended up sick, with crippling pain, in a wheelchair without the use of my arms or legs.My doctors called it “Incurable Fatigue.”

I didn’t accept the diagnosis and sought several opinions from doctors all over the United States, from New York to San Francisco and many in between. They all said the same thing. They told me that I should get used to my wheelchair because there was no cure and I would never walk again.

That’s when the protector in me woke up and started fighting for myself. I didn’t accept the sentence and took my healing journey into my own hands. I went to hospitals in Switzerland and Mexico, but still no one could help me. Then I became as adventurous as tenacious in finding a cure and did anything and everything I thought might help me. I did an 18-month juice fast; I had daily bee venom injections; I had 500 IV transfusions in one year; I ate turmeric mud (and oh, it tastes as good as you are imagining). You name it, I tried it. And finally, somewhere amidst all the changes to my diet, my daily routines and my mental state, something worked and I was able to heal myself and walk again. This is when I knew I wanted to share my success and help others who were fatigued like me.

Soon after, I became a Certified Health Coach through the Institute of Transformation. I coached women in how to increase their energy levels and that is where I earned the nickname of “Energy Magician.” I have taught women across four continents to protect themselves from becoming depleted and sick.I was on a high and I loved seeing the results in women and having a business that transformed lives.

And then I made a huge mistake. I received an offer to enter into a sort of partnership - one that was too good to pass up. And even though I knew better, I proceeded with NO written agreement. (gasp!) And the unthinkable happened…I got totally double-crossed. All of the content I had created for the partnership was stolen (because we both had complete access to everything with no legal document to manage things, I couldn’t protect the content) and all of my money was taken (both the money I had invested and all of the money I was meant to receive as we moved ahead). It was devastating.I was in shock.

However, the fierce protector in me took charge and I immediately (literally the very evening that I realized I had been ripped off) sat down and started drafting all of the contracts and agreements that a coach needs to protect their content and their income. Over the next few months, my collection of contracts grew and I added in several structures that coaches need to run a successful coaching business as well. I became determined to protect every coach I encountered from being vulnerable to swiped content and drained bank accounts. I decided I would not allow entrepreneurs who had worked so hard to build their businesses remain exposed and at risk.

Because I am a health coach myself, I understand the unique challenges of the coaching industry and I combine my expertise in law and my knowledge of the coaching business to create LEGAL Ease. I empower coaches to use the right contracts and agreements to protect themselves and their business.

I make the intimidating world of legal protections simple, approachable and easy to understand. I empower my clients to protect their work and investments. After working with me, my clients have peace of mind that their work and investments are protected and that frees them up to focus on what they love, which is to serve their clients, and grow and expand their business to success. The best place to start is by scheduling a conversation with me so you can learn exactly which legal essentials you need for your successful online business. You’ve worked so hard to build your business - don’t leave it unprotected!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after I purchase LEGAL Ease?
As soon as you purchase LEGAL Ease, you will be given immediate access to the full course including all of the Templates and content. The whole course is self-paced, so you can choose when to start and what order to work in. The modules have been organized in order of how you might want to use them in your business, start with your website and work your way down, but feel free to start wherever you like (say, for example, you have a client already waiting to give you money so you need the Client Agreement asap. Just go for it).
What is the refund policy?
Because LEGAL Ease is a digital download and you are given the full course the moment you enroll, we do not offer any refunds. If you have any questions before purchasing, just ask!
Is Layne Lyons my attorney now?
Nope, not at all. Your purchase includes Legal Templates, which are designed for you to customize to fit your business, plus legal education and lots of helpful information, but not legal advice. If you purchase LEGAL Ease, Layne is not your attorney and no attorney-client relationship has been established. You should work with a locally licensed attorney to advise you on your specific situation and make sure you are in compliance with local laws.
Can I contact Layne directly and get more info?
Absolutely! Just email [email protected]

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